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Oakite zinc phosphating process helps powder coaters achieve ESI 98/1 standards 
'ChrysCoat' (Oakite Ltd., West Carr Road Industrial Estate, Retford, Notts. DN22 7SN) Fe and Zn phosphating processes used in pretreatment for powder coatings are described.
Oberflachentechnik '92. Electroplating, alternative processes, coating properties and applications, environmental technology. Pt. 3 
Report on discussions at 1992 annual conference of DGO, Wurzburg.
Oberflachentechnik '92. Electroplating, alternative processes, coating properties and applications, environmental technology. Pt. 3 
Report on discussions at 1992 annual conference of DGO, Wurzburg.
Oberflachentechnik '92. Electroplating, alternative processes, coating properties and applications, environmental technology. Pt. 3 
Report on discussions at 1992 annual conference of DGO, Wuerzburg.
Oberflachentechnik 94. Pt. 1, 2 
Report on conference of the German and Austrian metal finishing societies, 12-14 10.94, Bad Reichenhall.
Oberflaeche '96. Report on Tri-country meeting 
Regular meeting of German, Swiss & Austrian Electroplaters organisations with extended summaries of talks on PVD wear-resistant coatings; mass-transport studies in LIGA electroforming; effect of anodic etching of steel on hard chromium plating; electrodeposition of composite lead dispersion strengthened with titania; use of Hull cell to study electrolytic stripping of nickel; surface energies of activated regenerated highly crystalline cellulose fibres; on-line automated thickness measurement for continuous plated strip; photothermal measurement of coating thickness and adhesion; X-ray studies on microstructure of electroplated layers; surface analytical techniques; corrosion testing of automotive components & assemblies;novel process for finishing flat spools (miniature electric motors); nickel electroforming for X-ray space satellites; improving biocomptibility of metal surfaces; optimising implant properties by coatings with defined physical properties; electropolishing in medical applications; surface activation of PEEK (polyetherether ketone) for increased adhesion to bone cement; suitability of titanium as an implant material & anodising of Ti implants; vacuum plasma spray for implant surface structuring; optimising cement-free endo-prosthesis implants; a session on environmental issues.
Oberflaechen Tagen, Erfurt. 
Joint meeting of German, Polish, Slovakian & Czech organisations. Presentations included: high corrosion resistance hexavalent chromium free passivation without a topcoat; polymer dispersions over electrogalvanised coatings; "Small defects - major consequences" - defects in plastic injection mouldings and their effects on metallising. New plant for immersion post-treatment of mass plated work. Rinsing controlled by electrolytic conductivity; selective high-rate precious metal plating.Use of gold-based multilayer systems for electrical contact surfaces; alloys - new properties by structural modifications; electroless plating on zinc oxide sensitised glass; development of new zinc alloy plating systems with enhanced corrosion properties; oxide surfaces & oxide particles modified with polythiophenes; thermal stability of nanocrystalline nickel-18% tungsten alloys; electrochemical microcells & surface analysis; development of oxide-based PVD dry lubricants; discussion session on hexavalent chromium; GDOES for measurement of hydrogen profiles in plated components; GDOES to determine composition of chemically formed multilayers; characterisation of intermetallic phases of tin & copper using surface resistance; new XRF configuration for thickness meas't on very small items; Determination of cleanliness & residual surface soil on metals for thermal treatment; spot precision cleaning & in-situ cleanliness meas't of micro-components & interconnectors.
Oberflaechentage 2001. Part 2. 
Pt 2 of a lengthy report on German Surface Finishing event reports lectures on use of GDOES (glow discharge emission spectroscopy) as an analytical tool (e.g for hydrogen depth profiles in metals) & other depth profiles. Metallurgy & phase structure of tin-copper, incl. intermetallics. X-Ray fluoresence for thickness meas't & analysis of very small items. Cleanliness testing, mainly electrochemical & particle counting. Spot-cleaning to high standards, e.g in electronics prior to gold bonding, and instrumental methods of cleanliness testing, mostly spectroscopic. Process control in electroplating of microprocessors, incl. analysis using voltammetry & HPLC & ion chromatography. A 2-stage process for colourless, transparent conversion coating that is chromate-free. based on trivalent chromium. Protection of zinc surfaces with organic top-coat of acrylate & styrene as a form of conversion coating. Inclusion of 2nd phase allows such coatings to provide active corrosion protection. Troubleshooting metallised plastic components where stress cracking was found after temperature cycling test DIN53496. Stress in the plastic moulding seemed to be the cause. A highly automated machine which dried plated parts, carries through chromating and prepares them for organic coating, with 50% rinsewater & other savings. Case study of rinsing process after zinc plating, controlled by electrolytic conductivity meas'ts. Two discussion Forums, one on hexavalent chromium & chromates, one on environmental issues. A range of points was made.
Oberflaechentechnik '92 - Alternative Coating Systems, Coating Properties, Environmental Issues II. 
Report on meeting with extended summary of pcb sessions & new ideas in metallising of plastics, ceramics (incl. oxides).
Oberflaechentechnik '92 - Report on a Symposium in Wuerzburg 
Report on title conference with summaries of sessions on zinc & alloy deposits, hard Cr, cleaning & avoiding AOX emissions, electroplating in electronics,. To be cont'd,
Oberflaechentechnik '93 - Report on Symposium 
Report has summary of lectures on corrosion of zinc & zinc-nickel or cobalt alloys, corrosion & wear of chromium, e.g from HEEF baths, comments on electroless Ni incl. hardness & bath life extension, use of microwave heating. Gold matrix codeposits (with titanium nitride) - their appearance & properties; electroforming - applications for aerospace, incl. forming of hollow spheres in Ni alloy. Various modifications incl. metallising of plastic balls. Other speakers described electroforming in Permalloy of high precision microstructures. Environmental-oriented talks incl. regeneration of process solutions, electrolytic regeneration of stainless steel etch baths. Several aspects of Quality & Lean Production were presented. Electrodep'n of ternary copper tin zinc alloy was described.
Oberflaechentechnik '94 - Report on a Conference 
Themes incl. "Environment, Legislation" where German & Austrian models are reviewed. Comments & cost data on cyanide destruction, non-emulsion cleaning & degreasing. Session on "Quality". Magneto-inductive thickness meas't of chromium plating, environmental management.
Oberflaechentechnik '94 - Report on a Meeting Pt. 1. 
Report summarises lectures on Zn alloys (zinc iron) & ways of minimising H embrittlement & permeation. Electrodep'n of iron, iron phosphorus alloys & fluoborate baths are discussed. Electroless Ni incl. TOG test (oscillating counter-wear) with results for EN compared with chromium & other coatings. EN coating of magnesium. Black ruthenium dep'n, tin & tin-lead alloys, effect of sulphur on ductility of nickel & other structural aspects of Ni deposits. EMI/RFI shielding were all treated in lectures.
Oberflaechentechnik '95 - Report on a Meeting. Pt 2. 
Report on meeting with lectures on decorative metallising of polyarylamide plastic; electroless nickel plating of aluminium electrical contacts, use of new coatings to replace nickel in jewellery esp. palladium alloys, esp. Pd zinc alloy, whose properties are listed. An improved chromium plating (trivalent) process, status of iron electrodeposition. A discussion on zinc alloys & their applications & the salt spray corrosion resistance of their chromated surfaces. Discussions on management, quality, effluent, modelling & simulation of processes in surface engineering, treatment of solid waste, use of ultrasonics in pretreatment, Cupral a copper plating bath using phosphonate complexant. Session on process control, electrochemical (electroanalytical) methods, cyclic voltammetry.